Television & Corporate

Docu Drama


5 times Worldchampion Lucia Rijker brings together some of Holland's most inspirational individuals to see if they can persuade 16 young people to give education a second chance.


Spuiten en Slikken Specials

"Shoot and Swallow" is probably the most controversial TV-show of the Netherlands. It discusses the use of drugs and subjects concerning sexuality. It's aimed at adolescents and their parents.



  • SynDROOM puts mentally challenged people in the lime light. They have their wishes fulfilled by presenter Johnny de Mol. In 2015 the program won the Gouden Televizier-Ring, the most important prize in Dutch television.

Travel Magazine

3 op Reis

'Channel 3 abroad' is a TV-series about traveling and tourism. Our presenters travel the world in search of the most inspiring, beautiful and unique travel destinations. Our travels vary from long journeys to remote and unknown areas to visits to exciting cities and accessible destinations in- and outside of Europe. 



De Magische Winkel

A children's tv-show were a young apprentice gets taught a set of magic tricks by renowned magician.

Cultural Magazine

Podium on Tour

Stage on Tour is a cultural magazine that highlights, upcoming events in the world of theatre, cabaret and dance.

Scripted Reality

Achter Gesloten Deuren

'Behind closed doors' is scripted reality show, where actors re-enact the story of someone who lives with a terribly secret. Every episode is based on a real live story.


The Trip MTV

The Trip is a real life road movie.. Two teams need to cross Europe from one end to the other, without means, plan or money. The program won the BNN, Bart award for the most innovative youth series



Predecessor of New Kids The Pulpshow was regarded as the dutch answer to "Jackass" and stretched even those boundaries. It had not only stunts but sketches as well.


Promo Media Centrum Defensie

Ministry of Defence

Director: Ibrahim Selman


Lidl Belgie

Marco Klein & partners

Director: Gijs Pechtold


De Container Fabriek

EJED Productions

Director: Twan da Silva